TMJ Disorders in Manhattan and New York City, NY

In this article, we will discuss about conditions and treatments of TMJ Disorders for patients in Manhattan and New York City, NY.

  • TMJ Disorders – Disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) are a group of issues pertaining to the jaw joint.
  • You’ll be relieved to hear that symptoms like soreness or a “clicking” sound are now easier to diagnose and cure than they formerly were.
  • When the jaw joints and the chewing muscles do not function properly, these symptoms arise.
  • The term “temporomandibular joint,” or TMJ, refers to the right and left joints that attach your jaw to your skull.
  • Early detection and treatment of TMJ disorders are crucial since some forms of these issues can progress to more serious conditions.
  • TMJ issues cannot be fully resolved by any one treatment, and recovery from treatment takes time. You can have a more comfortable and healthy jaw with Dr. Wolford’s assistance.

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Do You Have Jaw Problems?

TMJ problems can arise for a variety of causes. It’s possible to clench or grind your teeth, which would strain your TM joint and tense the muscles in your jaw. A sickness or injury to your jaw joint may have caused damage. Arthritis and injuries can cause direct joint damage as well as strain or rip the muscular ligaments.

Consequently, the cartilage disk that serves as the jaw joint’s “cushion” may come loose from its place. Whatever the reason, the symptoms could include difficulty opening your mouth wide, soreness, clicking, or grating noises, as well as a misaligned bite.

Are You Affected by TMJ Disorders?

  • Do you know if you clench or grind your teeth?
  • Do the muscles surrounding your jaws hurt or stiffen when you wake up?
  • Do you often get neck pain or headaches?
  • Does clenching your teeth make the ache worse?
  • Does tension exacerbate your tightness and discomfort?
  • When you open your mouth, does your jaw snap, pop, grind, catch, or lock?
  • Is it unpleasant or difficult for you to yawn or open your mouth to eat?
  • Have you ever suffered a head, neck, or jaw injury?
  • Have you experienced issues with any other joints, such as arthritis?
  • Do your teeth no longer make contact when you bite?
  • Do your teeth occasionally meet differently?
  • Is it difficult to bite or rip food with your front teeth?
  • Are your teeth worn, loose, broken, or sensitive?

The likelihood that you have a TMJ condition increases with the number of times you said “yes.” Gaining knowledge about TMJ issues can also aid in understanding their treatment. TMJ problems are diagnosed and treated by Dr. Wolford.

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Treatments for TMJ Disorders

Dr. Wolford can treat your jaw in a number of ways to enhance its harmony and functionality. Following the confirmation of a TMJ issue diagnosis through evaluation, Dr. Wolford will decide on the best course of action. It is crucial to remember that a team approach to therapy that combines professional and self-care is always the most effective.

The initial objectives are to reduce joint discomfort and spasms in the muscles. Usually, a muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, or pain medication is used to do this. In order to lessen discomfort and inflammation, steroids can be injected straight into the joints. Self-care techniques, such as resting your jaw, spacing your teeth when not chewing or swallowing, eating soft foods, applying ice or heat, exercising your jaw, and maintaining proper posture, can also be quite helpful.

A temporary, clear plastic appliance called a splint, as well as stress management strategies like biofeedback or physical therapy, may also be advised.

Appliances and Mouthguards

  • A splint, also known as a night guard, is a device that goes over your upper or lower teeth to help keep them apart. This helps to relieve pain and relax the muscles. Appliances come in many varieties and are utilized for diverse tasks. A night guard eases muscle tension and helps you quit clenching or grinding your teeth at night. It also aids in joint surface and cartilage protection.
  • An anterior positioning appliance helps with disk relocation, shifts your jaw forward, and releases pressure from certain areas of your jaw. You can wear it all day to aid in the healing of your jaw.
  • To realign your jaw, an orthotic stabilizing appliance is worn either all day or only at night. Appliances aid in preventing tooth wear as well.

What About Surgery or Bite Correction?

You may require treatment such as bite adjustment (equilibration), orthodontics with or without jaw reconstruction, or restorative dental work if your TMJ condition has caused problems with how your teeth fit together.

Although they are only used in extreme circumstances, surgical alternatives like arthroscopy and open joint repair restructuring are occasionally necessary. Unless the patient has experienced serious degeneration, the jaw cannot be opened, the patient has tried unsuccessful appliance treatment, or the jaw is dislocated and not reducible, Dr. Wolford will not likely consider doing TMJ surgery.

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Dr. Larry Wolford has over 40 years of complex surgical experience

Dr. Larry Wolford has over 40 years of complex surgical experience

65% of his practice are patients referred from all over the USA and other countries

65% of his practice are patients referred from all over the USA and other countries

Developed many innovative procedures that are the current jaw surgical techniques

Developed many innovative procedures that are the current jaw surgical techniques

Listens to the patient and answers questions with care and compassionate

Listens to the patient and answers questions with care and compassionate