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Greer Brucker
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Dr. Wolford is the absolute best. In 2017, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, specifically Still's Disease, and learned I would need Total TMJ Replacement surgery on both sides of my jaw. My family found Wolford online and after the first phone consultation, we never looked back. I'm from Los Angeles, CA and was going to school in Nashville, TN, and Dr. Wolford is located in Dallas, TX.

He is worth the inconvenience of travel and I can support that with the results he's provided me. It's been over a year since my surgery, and I have never been happier in my life. I feel like myself again, not only in how I look but also in how I feel.

The only way one could tell I had surgery are the two tiny scars on my neck that are barely visible now. My bite is now aligned, I have a jawline again, and I've fully recovered without any scary complications that I've read about like permanent numbness or nerve damage.

In addition, my stay at Baylor, Scott & White was incredible. I'd never been admitted to a hospital before and was more than a little nervous about having major surgery, but the hospital staff were absolutely amazing and made me feel super safe and taken care of.
Victoria Gass
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Dr. Wolford was nothing short of a life saver. After 10 years of being told I would never be able to have corrective jaw surgery due to my RA, Dr. Wolford assured me that, in fact, surgery with prosthetic joints was possible.

I had my surgery within 6 months of the initial consultation (given that I first needed braces), and am now 2 months into recovery with no complications. He is the best of the best. Highly recommend!
Jack McNally
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2004, my wife had been a victim of Dr McBride who gave her bilateral TMJ prostheses in the 1980s with Vitec Proplast. Wolford removed and replaced them. 25 years later, she still regrets the initial implants, but the replacements are still working well. HIGHLY recommend Wolford.
Cris Luzovich
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I had surgery to get rid of my sleep apnea and Dr. Wolford was wonderful. He takes the time to answer all of your questions and is diligent about addressing concerns. He is also the nicest doctor I've ever met. Incredibly down to earth, especially for such a good specialist.

The reason why I didn't rate him 5 stars is because of the office staff. There were multiple communication problems that left me so frustrated that I would have gone to a different doctor if Dr. Wolford wasn't so highly regarded. Possibly adding more staff to the office might help solve the problem.
Joint Replacement | Testimonials | Dr Larry Wolford
Dr. Wolford’s Joint Replacement Saved My Life.
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I know Dr. Wolford gets a lot of bad reviews, but I would recommend looking past them and not focusing on them. Before I saw him, we looked up Dr. Wolford online and were so startled by what we were reading that we became very concerned about how the experience would go, but it has been the total opposite of what the reviews led us to believe it would be like.

Yes, he is expensive and doesn’t take insurance which shoots the already very high price up even more and sometimes there can be some communication/staff issues regarding billing and treatment organization, but I believe he truly is the best of the best and it is worth every penny.

I was a 14 year old with a pretty complicated and difficult case and I saw multiple oral surgeons who all refused to operate due to the severity and risk. I was getting sicker and sicker as time went on and eventually got the point where I was unable to function, yet I continued to be turned away by everyone I saw, even those who were supposed to specialize in the surgery I needed.

By the time I landed in Dr. Wolford’s office, I was barely standing (literally) and he was our last hope. Due to how fast I had declined there wasn’t much preparation that could be done like there normally is, which meant that basically he was going to have to go in blindly to a degree and he wouldn’t know what all he’d need to do until he got in there, so that made it even trickier.

He prepared as much as he could though and drew everything out very beautifully. He is truly an artist with the way he works with his hands. Most couldn’t have done the surgery without more planning, but he said we just needed to trust him and sure enough, he was able to fix me.

It was a tough surgery and recovery, but he was extremely calm, thorough, reassuring, caring, gentle, and supportive through the whole process and explained everything while answering my many questions. He monitored me very carefully post-op and made sure I was progressing well.

He checked on me as much as he possibly could, and really went out of his way to make sure my mom and I were comfortable with everything. Because of him, I can now eat, breathe, and chew normally, and am able to live without any pain in my face.

The debilitating nausea, locking/popping jaw, vomiting, migraines, neck/back/ear/jaw pain, inability to open my mouth (no less chew or even try to eat), and other symptoms I had pre-op are all gone, and my jaws are finally aligned like they should be.

Plus, because of how my upper jaw was broken and realigned, I now am breathing better than I ever could before, my “gummy smile” is gone (which has given me so much more confidence), and I can actually close my mouth properly, none of which I ever knew were problems that could be fixed.

It’s been 5 years since surgery and I’m still as good as ever. I am beyond pleased with my results and really couldn’t be more grateful I was sent to Dr. Wolford. I really didn’t know I could look/feel this good, and never realized how much my quality of life was affected by my jaws until after surgery.

Back when I was being turned away by all of the oral surgeons I saw, I was very frustrated that none of them would operate when they were fully qualified and knew what to do, but now I have come to really appreciate being told that Dr. Wolford was the only one who could do it.

Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for all he has done for me. He truly saved my life and I don’t know where I’d be without him.

It was a pretty hefty bill that has put a lot of stress on my family and I’m not going to ignore the cost factor because trust me, it was not easy for us, but I will say we’d do it again for the amazing outcomes it brought.

I would give Dr. Wolford an infinite amount of stars if I could, and highly recommend giving him a chance because he is world-renowned for a reason and really can do the impossible. You just have to get past the large cost and go in with an open mind.
Mark Leatherman
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Although surgery itself is never fun, Dr. Wolford and his staff made it a positive experience for me. They have been extremely friendly, helpful, thorough, and careful in every stage from pre-op to post-op. He obviously knows what he is doing.

I do not live in Dallas, and they are very good about working with people from out of town. A quality doctor, and an office-full of quality people.
Mary Simpson
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Denise, When I first called, I was scared, felt betrayed and so disappointed by Dr. Sxxx, and not even sure I could be helped. You were warm, kind, and confident enough in Dr. Wolford for us both.

You brought me tangible joy with the lovely flowers you thoughtfully arranged.

I’m so grateful! I realize I’m just one of so many y’all have helped, but I want you to know you have changed my life already and given my son the possibility of having the mother he deserves back! You guys have been an answer to prayer!

Thank You!
Mary Simpson
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Dr.Wolford, I am sure that I am merely a tiny drop in a large basket of those you have helped. ( I know several personally).

I want you to know how grateful I am to you! After years in a nightmare, I finally see light at the end of the tunnel!

You are so kind, brilliant, and have done more for me in less than two weeks than Dr. Sxxx did in 20 years!! You have made an imprint in my family’s life, my son’s life, and I am now confident he will finally have the mother he deserves back!

Thank You!
Connie Lin
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Thank you for your tremendous skill in performing my TJR surgery. Your patience and understanding before and after the operation, in addition to your excellent skill in the operating room is greatly appreciated.

I cannot thank you enough for giving me my life back. I am blessed that you are my doctor & for the unique gift you are to your patients.
Flowers | Testimonials | Dr. Larry Wolford
Flowers from a happy patient after 4 bad surgeries in California. Dr Wolford did a successful revision, the 5th and also the final!
Tina Cavanaugh
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Dr. Wolford is the surgeon out there who fixes all the goof-ups from other surgeons. He should charge more than them but he never does in all the years I've known him.

He saved me from the worse surgery mistakes you can imagine and on top of all of it he's a super nice guy. He has amazing patience from years of dealing with people in unimaginable pain and insane insurance hassles. I would have given up on us a long time ago but he never has. And he has created procedures and methods in his industry that are taught in major dental schools now.

Trust the good reviews. If you want to check on a bad review, look at other reviews the person posted and see if maybe there is a pattern there.

I did my homework on Dr. Wolford after my bad experience with a local surgeon and no matter where I live in the world, I will always go back to Dr. Wolford if I need him again. Many other people do just that too because he's the best in the industry.
Jana Kay Bravo
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He is the best jaw surgeon in the world in my opinion and also a very nice person. I was not worried about how I would look and he has done an excellent job. Can't wait to see the finished product in a few months and get rid of my sleep apnea for sure. Thanks Dr. Wolford and office for your care.
Deanna Stephens
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Suffering from T M D that took my quality of life away from me after managing for over 20 years, the tinnitus was too much.... I had to get help when the squeal of delight from a child could trigger painful stabbing headaches and extreme nausea.

I have my life back, thanks to Dr. Wolfford, his amazing staff, and the staff at Baylor are the absolute best combination of medical care professionals, and I am so thankful for such a dedicated team of truly caring professionals.
K. Elizabeth
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I have read these negative reviews and there is absolutely no one better than Dr. Wolford. It is a shame when people project negative former experiences or expectations based on prior surgeries.

I had read all of Dr. Wolford’s published works and journals, prior to speaking with him; I had a jaw surgery, 17 years, earlier that left me with a failed LeForte One, (way too many unnecessary screws-which could only be explained by mistakes made by the former surgeon, who had underestimated my condition and the procedure.)

My former surgery required an emergency drainage procedure from a MRSA abscess developed 3 days post op. They had to drain the abscesses as it choked me in my right mandible, growing to the size of a grapefruit in three days post op, installing a ‘penrose’ drain in my face.

The surgeon did not have time to put me under and attempted to manually drain with a giant metal needle & syringe, with no anesthetic- pain beyond what I can remember, as I fainted screaming- it was archaic.

The surgeon had left me ‘open’ for over 18 hours, inviting in infection. My first surgery was only supposed to take 8 hours.

I avoided jaw surgery, at all costs, for 17 years. As my face collapsed, cutting my airway, ability to chew, breathe, and because my jaw joints had completely degenerated and needed to be replaced during the first surgery, instead of ‘ building around the problem’.

I adapted and continued to lose function, pushing through each disability until the xrays revealed that my head was crushing my cervical spine as the jaws degenerated.

I was told that I would need dentures and began to get 21 skin grafts to cover the root exposure from the jaw pulling my gums from my teeth as things separated over time.

By the time I saw a local oral surgeon, one of the greatest in the state - also did not take insurance - he examined my case, turned to me and said “ If you were my daughter, I would only trust a surgeon who could do this operation in his sleep.

There is only one surgeon who can do this operation and all that you require, to avoid putting you through any more trauma...” He then contacted Dr. Larry Wolford and after overnighting my XRays, dental models and MRI by mail- I received a personal call from Dr. Wolford, two days later.

I had never met Dr. Wolford until the day before my surgery, all was done over the phone. Including the insurance battles.

For all who complain about the price, I spent ten days in the hospital post op- which insurance paid out 300k. Dr. Wolford’s surgical fee was nothing compared to this. It is true that he doesn’t take insurance, but neither do the majority of all of the top oral surgeons all over the country.

There is no surgeon who could show up after a 16 hour surgery like mine, to greet my father- without a drop of sweat on his brow, crisp white traditional monogrammed coat, with a warm, caring smile and embrace that brought my father such comfort-to tears of joy.

It’s true that the surgery was 16 hours and I certainly did not bounce back as the other girls who had their surgeries, they were walking after a couple of days.

There is no finer, more qualified surgeon in the world. Anyone who says otherwise, most likely had prior bias or projections from former surgery or experiences- that which I can completely relate.

It was an honor to be Dr. Wolford’s patient, it is an honor for anyone who has ever worked or studied oral surgery, under his tutelage.

Dr. Wolford has dedicated his life to the study of the source of developmental jaw issues to an extent that he has been recognized globally. His work is revolutionary, his techniques are an art. His precision and perfectionism cannot be taught or emulated.

I still remember the moment he placed his hand on mine, post op- the comfort that he brought, his thoroughness- & expertise also as an MD, knowing exactly what to do at all times-experience that sets him apart from any other oral surgeon. There is no one better than Dr. Wolford. Do the research, read his work-instead of solely reading a few ‘disgruntled’ reviews.
Cristeelinn Davis
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Great doctor/surgeon and a quality person. I have bilateral prosthetic jaw joints. I would recommend him.
Beverly Robelia
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I would like to apologize to the office of Dr.Larry Wolford for the comments made earlier this year. Dr.Wolford and Denise, his staff are very professional. Dr.Wolford is one of the best in the country in his field. His office is ran very professional. Patients sometimes feel a little hopeless. I think his office has done what they could to help.

Dr. W & Denise, I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else. You really are the dream team. thank you for being the first Doctor I can truly & confidently put my trust in. We appreciate you more than words could ever tell. Love, The Greenbergs

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Denise, I just wanted to express so much gratitude to you, and of course to Larry, for how you’ve both treated Malcolm and our family through this ordeal. Words really can’t describe how grateful we all are, both for Dr. Wolford’s immense skill, and for how decent and compassionate you’ve both been throughout.

You are truly a big bright spot in our otherwise very dismal health care system. Thank you thank you.
Maryann Prince
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Denise and Dr. Wolford,

I can't begin to thank you enough for the kindness, concern, and compassion you've shown to Kelly. You've given the hope that she can live a full life again. As her mother, I'm so grateful for the work you do.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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